error code Extension Form 8868

Understanding IRS Error Codes: Filing an Extension Before the Tax Period Ends

If you receive the following  E-file Error Code R0000-035-01: indicating you can not file an application for extension before the…
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Deadline Form 990 Nonprofits

Today is the December 990 Series Return Deadline for Certain Nonprofits!

‘This the season…to file your 990 series return!  Today is the deadline for certain tax-exempt organizations to file their annual…
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Form 990 how to program service

Form 990-EZ Filing Made Easy for Your Nonprofit: Parts I-III

Is the process of filing your organization’s annual Form 990-EZ return far from ‘easy’? Then this blog series is for…
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Deadline Form 990

Nonprofits with a November 15th 990 Deadline Must File Today!

Many people are surprised to find that nonprofit organizations have strict filing requirements with the IRS, despite the fact that…
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Checklist Form 990 Nonprofits Private Foundation

Almost There: A Guide to Completing Form 990-PF Parts 9-12

Good news, we are halfway there, Now that we’ve made it through Parts I-VIII!  Let’s dig into Parts IX-XII!  Need…
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Deadline Nonprofits

What Tax Exempt Organizations Need to Know About the November 15th, 990 Series Deadline

Almost all tax-exempt and nonprofit organizations are required to file an annual information return. Based on the gross receipts an…
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Form 990 Nonprofits Quick Guide

Hospitals and their Tax-Exempt Status: Eligibility and Filing Requirements

It is a common misconception that the nonprofit sector is always cut and dry. There are many types of organizations…
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Checklist Nonprofits

Savvy Tips for Retaining and Accessing Your Nonprofit’s Vital Documents

Keeping meticulous records is not just a best practice; it’s an essential requirement for nonprofits. You never know when you…
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Checklist Deadline Nonprofits

Certain Nonprofits are Required to File IRS Form 990 Returns by October 16th

Many people think that nonprofit organizations don’t have strict IRS reporting requirements because they are tax-exempt. This is a major…
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