Form 990 how to Nonprofits

Changing Your Non-Profit Organization’s Accounting Period: A Complete Guide

When an organization receives tax-exempt status, the IRS determination letter indicates the tax year-end date. This date is the last…

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Checklist Form 990 Quick Guide

Completing the Correct 990 Return for Your Nonprofit Organization: Tax Filing Basics

Filing your organization’s tax return can be a once-a-year task that’s easy to overlook. To help you navigate the complexities…

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error code Extension Form 8868

Understanding IRS Error Codes: Filing an Extension Before the Tax Period Ends

If you receive the following  E-file Error Code R0000-035-01: indicating you can not file an application for extension before the…

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Deadline Form 990 Nonprofits

Today is the December 990 Series Return Deadline for Certain Nonprofits!

‘This the season…to file your 990 series return!  Today is the deadline for certain tax-exempt organizations to file their annual…

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Understanding IRS Error Codes: Fixing an Incorrect Exempt Status on 990 Returns

Welcome to the next installment of our ‘Understanding IRS Error Codes’ blog!  If you receive any of the following  E-file…

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Form 990 Nonprofits Public inspection

Completing Your Organization’s Form 990-EZ: Parts IV, V, and VI

In our last blog, we reviewed in more detail the process of completing Part I, II, and III of the…

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Form 990 how to program service

Form 990-EZ Filing Made Easy for Your Nonprofit: Parts I-III

Is the process of filing your organization’s annual Form 990-EZ return far from ‘easy’? Then this blog series is for…

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Form 990 program service Quick Guide

Reporting Program Accomplishments: A Hidden Opportunity for Storytelling

In the world of organizational management, where annual reporting is often viewed as a mere compliance necessity, lies an overlooked…

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error code Form 990 Form errors

Understanding IRS Error Codes: Fixing an Incorrect Tax Year on 990 Returns

When it comes to completing your organization’s 990 Series Return, this is a process! Oftentimes this is a process that…

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Private Foundation

IRS Classifications and Tax Filing Requirements for Private Foundations

Is your organization classified as a Private Foundation? It’s important to recognize the distinction between a public charity and a…

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