May 15th is Approaching! Tax990 is here to Simplify 990 Filings for Tax Professionals

As a tax professional, dealing with taxes and deadlines is a normal part of doing business. However, having the right solution to efficiently handle all your clients’ filings is key, especially when you are required to complete 990 filings for nonprofits.

With the biggest 990 deadlines of the year approaching on May 15, Tax990 is the one-stop solution that tax professionals need to complete their clients’ 990 filings on time.

May 15 Deadline – Preparation Tips for Tax Pros

It is crucial to gather all the filing information required from your clients. Amid the hustle and bustle of the deadline, having all the filing information available beforehand removes a great deal of stress from the filing process. 

Just to recap, this is some of the most important information required on 990 Series forms: 

  • The organization’s financial records (revenue, assets, liabilities, net assets, etc).
  • What activities the organization carried out (program services, lobbying, etc).
  • The key members of the organization and the amount they were compensated.
  • Other IRS filing and tax compliance requirements for the organization.
  • Information regarding the organization’s governance, management, and disclosure. 

For the other 990 variants (Form 990-EZ, 990-PF, 990-T, and 990-N), the information required for filing may vary slightly.

Once you have the required information available, you can get started with Tax990, the leading IRS-authorized e-file provider, to complete your clients’ 990 filings.

How Does Tax990 Streamline the Filing Process for Tax Pros?

There are numerous reasons why Tax 990 is your perfect choice for e-filing your clients’ 990 forms, here are a few of them,

Tax990 is all about increasing the accuracy of the 990 forms you file and simplifying the process of filing them! Here are some of the benefits of choosing Tax990: 

Advanced Data-Protection Measures

Tax990 is an IRS-authorized, SOC-2 Certified e-file provider. So, what does this mean for you? This means that we take the most advanced measures available to protect your client’s sensitive data. Our cloud-based software securely stores your data. 

Manage Multiple EINs

You have the ability to file for multiple organizations using one single Tax990 account. This means that you can file and maintain your client’s records all from a single, secure location. 

Our user-friendly application allows you to manage all of your clients’ 990 filings with ease. You can view the IRS status of your clients’ forms at a glance from your account Dashboard.

Multi-User Access

You can also add your staff members to your account and give them access to assist with preparing your clients’ filings. 

Bulk Upload and Copy Data

When you are preparing your clients’ 990 forms, you can easily import their organizations’ contributions and grant data in bulk using Tax990 Excel templates.

If you have filed past 990 returns for your clients, you can copy certain information from those returns onto their returns for the current tax year. 

Reviewers and Approvers

After preparing your clients’ 990 forms, you can share the completed form with their organization members for their review and approval. 

Volume-Based Pricing

We offer volume-based pricing, the more forms you file, the more money you save! You can also purchase prepaid credits ahead of time to speed up the checkout process. 

You can also take advantage of the simple e-signature options from Tax990. We support Form 8453-TE so that you provide your e-signature to authorize the returns.

Our dedicated team of experts is always here to help answer your questions via live chat, phone, and email. 

Get started with Tax 990 today and meet the May 15th deadline with ease. 

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