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Learn why Tax990 clients love us!

“I received a rejection from the IRS. Tax 990 provided clear instructions on how to fix the error, and I was not charged for refiling. What could have been a stressful experience turned into an issue that was not a big deal at all.”

This is a testimonial from one of our satisfied clients. We love to receive feedback from our clients, whether it consists of positive experiences or constructive criticism. 

Hearing from our clients allows us to identify weaknesses within our application, which we can then address and improve. This is important because we are always striving to do better than we have done before. Further, hearing positive feedback lets us know that we’re doing something right, and as an added bonus, we just love to hear that our clients are happy and content with their filings.

Form 990 Rejections With Tax990

This client’s experience was positive because of one of Tax990’s many helpful features. 

If the IRS rejects your form for any reason, Tax990 will notify you. You can log into your Tax990 account to learn why your form was rejected, and you’ll be given the opportunity to fix the errors. 

Once you fix the errors found in your form, you can take advantage of another Tax990 feature, the internal audit check. This will check your form for any IRS instruction errors and notify you before you transmit your form to the IRS. 

After you have proofread your return, you can re-transmit it to the IRS. Tax990 allows clients to re-transmit their rejected returns at no extra cost. 

Other Helpful Tax990 Features

Those are just two of Tax990’s exclusive features. In addition, we automatically provide all required Schedules for your return for free. They will generate onto your form if the information you enter indicates that you will need to attach them.

Our website offers a wealth of free information relating to tax-exempt e-filing. We have a collection of helpful guides that detail the filing process and requirements of each form and Schedule. We also have a knowledge base full of FAQs and trending questions from our clients. 

We regularly publish blogs, YouTube videos, and social media posts to keep our clients informed. Free webinars are offered frequently on a variety of topics, and you can watch previous webinars on our website.

We are proud to offer a dedicated customer support team available from Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Support hours are extended during peak filing times, and they can be reached via email at [email protected], phone at (704) 839-2321, or live chat.

If you’ve previously filed with us, you can access your past returns in your Tax990 account for download, printing, or viewing. You can also copy certain information from previous returns onto your current return. Our program is cloud-based and secure, so your information will be safe with us. 

Tax990 is the ultimate 990 e-filing program for tax-exempt organizations. File your return with us and stay up-to-date on your form’s status.

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