Today is the June 15th Form 990 Deadline! File Now with Tax990

It’s June 15th, and the 990 series return deadline is today! If you haven’t started filing your return yet, you still have time! Organizations have until midnight to file their returns. Tax990 is here to help you submit your Form 990 series return to the IRS quickly and securely.

It’s important to file your return by midnight so your organization can maintain its tax-exempt status and avoid potential IRS penalties. Whether your organization needs to file Form 990-EZ, 990, 990-PF, 990-T, 990-N, CA Form 199, or Extension Form 8868, you can easily do so with Tax990.

If your organization is unsure which 990 series form you need to file, use our Form 990 Finder Tool to quickly figure it out! 

June 15th Deadline 

Organizations that need to file a 990 series return for the June 15th deadline include: 

  • Organizations whose original 990 series deadline was December 15th, 2022, but filed Form 8868 and received a 6-month extension.
    • Please note that Form 8868 can only be filed by an organization once per tax year. 
  • Organizations that operate on a fiscal tax year ending in January. 

Below, we’ve listed a few last-minute filing tips for your organization: 

Get Support

Filing 990 series returns can seem tedious–but having some assistance when filing your return makes a big difference! 

Tax990’s live customer support team is available via phone, email, and chat to assist organizations during their filing. Our team is happy to answer any questions filers may have. 

Tax990 also has an extensive knowledge base clients can visit to help answer any of their 990 filing questions. Additionally, our YouTube channel and blog are full of helpful information regarding all things Form 990 returns.

Review Your Return

By the time you’ve finished your Series 990 Form, it will contain a lot of information. It’s important to double-check your form and make sure it’s 100% accurate before you transmit it to the IRS. 

Need to share your return with a colleague, or just want a second pair of eyes on it to make sure it’s accurate? With Tax 990, you can add and manage staff members to assist you with filing. You can also invite board members to review and approve your return before submitting it to the IRS. Having multiple people review your return is an excellent way to ensure the information on your return is correct and ready to be submitted.  

Tax990’s internal audit system will also review your form for any errors. If there are errors, you will be notified of them and allowed to make any necessary corrections. 

Need More Time? 

If an organization needs extra time to file its return, it can apply for an automatic 6-month deadline extension with Form 8868. Nonprofits can extend their Form 990* deadline once per tax year. 

*Form 8868 extensions apply to all 990 Series Forms except for 990-N.

Simplify Your Organization’s Form 990 E-Filing with Tax990!

Don’t wait any longer! File your 990 series form with Tax990 by midnight! Tax990 removes all the hassle involved in preparing and filing your 990 form with even more features than just the ones mentioned above!

  • SOC-2 Certification: Tax990 is a SOC-2 Certified Provider, ensuring that your organization’s sensitive information is completely protected.
  • Free Schedules: All required 990 schedules are automatically included based on the data entered–for free!
  • Bulk Upload Templates: Easily upload bulk contributions and grant details with custom Excel templates to save you time and effort.

And remember–if your return is rejected, you can retransmit it with Tax990 for free. Happy filing!