5 Amazing Tax990 Features That Simplify Your Last-Minute 990 Filing this May 15th!

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There are just 3 business days left before the May 15th 990 deadline! The clock is ticking and you’re running out of time to meet the deadline. Now is the time to get started filing with Tax990

While 990 forms require a significant amount of information and time, Tax990 offers exclusive features to streamline and simplify your e-filing process! Here are the top five features that you especially need to take advantage of if you’re filing at the last minute.

1. Form-Based and Interview-Style Filing Options

Tax990 provides two different options for filing your 990 return. If you are experienced with completing a paper version of Form 990, you can choose our Form-based filing option. Entering the information you have gathered directly into the form will be easiest for you, plus, automatic tax calculations will help you with accuracy!

If you are less familiar with the 990 return you need to file and you‘re unsure what information needs to be entered in each field, the Interview-style filing option is the better option for you. Our application will prompt you with questions to help you complete the form. As you provide the information, Tax990 will generate the 990 return.

2. Bulk Upload 

Entering all of your organization’s contribution information can be a tedious part of Form 990 preparation. This is where the Tax990 Bulk Upload feature becomes extremely helpful!

Take advantage of this time-saving feature by downloading our Excel template and entering the contributions and grants information. Then, simply upload the template back to Tax990. That’s it, you’ve entered your organization’s contributions details in bulk. Goodbye manual entry!

3. Copy Data

If you’re a returning Tax990 client, this feature is an absolute must! 

If you have filed a 990 return with us in the past you can easily copy some of the information on the return you are filing for this tax year. This will not only cut down on the amount of time needed to complete your return, but since your past return was already accepted, you know the information is accurate!

4. Schedules are Auto-generated…for Free!

Determining which Schedules you need to complete and attach to your organization’s 990 return can be difficult. Tax990 is designed to take the guesswork out of this. 

As you enter the required information on your 990 return, the Tax990 application will automatically include the Schedules that apply to your organization based on this information. 

Plus, there is no additional cost for 990 Schedules they are attached to your 990 return for no additional cost. 

5. Internal Audit Check

Common errors can happen when you feel the pressure of meeting major deadlines. This is why Tax990 has a built-in audit feature. 

While completing your 990 returns, the audit feature will check and identify errors using the IRS Business Rules. You can then update the return and resolve the errors before transmitting the 990 return to the IRS. 

If all of these time-saving features aren’t motivation enough to begin filing today, wait until you hear about our awesome support team! Our dedicated team of experts is here to help you throughout the filing process. Plus, we offer extended support hours around the May 15th 990 deadline to ensure all of our client’s needs are met. You can reach us by phone, email, and live chat. 

The countdown is on, start filing today!

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