May 990 deadline 2024

Time is Running Out to E-file Your 990 Return! Meet Your Deadline in Style with Tax990

The year’s most significant 990 deadline looms for organizations operating on a calendar tax year or those who obtained an extension last November. If you’re among them and in need of an e-file provider, Tax990 has you covered! Our platform offers comprehensive features designed to assist you in completing your filing, even at the last minute. 

Extensive Features We Offer

Tax990 offers an intuitive e-filing solution packed with numerous helpful features, ensuring a simple, secure, and accurate filing process.

Free 990 Schedules

With Tax990, you only pay for your main form; there are no additional fees for supporting schedules. Simply fill out the form, and our system will automatically include the required schedules based on the data you’ve provided. 

Provides Convenient Filing Options

Tax990 provides you with two convenient filing options, 

Interview-Based filing

Answer a series of questions, and our system will generate the form for you based on those answers. This method is recommended for first-time filers who may find the entire form intimidating.

Form-Based filing

Enter the required form data directly into the digital version of your 990 form. This option is better for those with experience filing a 990 form.

Copy Data from Prior Years Filing

This feature is an absolute time saver if you have previously filed returns with Tax990! It enables you to easily copy certain information from your previous year’s filings to the current year. As the deadline approaches, save yourself from tedious and repetitive data entry processes and expedite your filings with this convenient feature.

Bulk Upload

Filing a 990 return entails managing a vast amount of information, which can become tiresome when entered manually. To simplify this process, Tax990 provides Excel templates that allow you to upload contribution details and other relevant data in bulk, saving you time and effort.

Visit to learn more about the bulk upload feature. 

Internal Audit Check

Tax990 incorporates a built-in error check system that validates the completed form based on the IRS Business Rules and identifies any errors. By resolving these errors, clients can avoid potential rejection of their form due to incorrect entries. This proactive feature makes error-free 990 filings feasible for any client. 

Retransmit Rejected Returns for Free

If any of the returns you file with Tax990 are rejected by the IRS, you can correct and retransmit them to the IRS at no additional cost.

Staff Management

This feature is a valuable asset for tax professionals with multiple clients, enabling them to invite and engage any number of staff in the filing process and delegate 990 returns. Additionally, they can assign specific roles and track their activities.

Client Management

With Tax990’s client management feature, you can prepare and manage 990 filings on behalf of your client and share completed returns with them to review and approve the filings.

E-signing Options 

As you may be aware, as a tax professional, obtaining authorization from the respective taxpayers is required by the IRS. With Tax990, you can obtain these authorizations electronically using Form 8453-TE (for Paid Preparers) and Form 8879-TE (for Electronic Return Originators).

Meet Your Deadline with Tax990!

With the deadline looming just 2 days away, rely on Tax990 to smoothly navigate your 990 tax obligations. It’s your one-stop solution for all nonprofit organization filing requirements. Take advantage of our amazing features and meet the deadline with ease.

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